We provide the following editing expertise:

  • Copy editing
  • Developmental editing
  • Basic Proofreading
  • Style specific formatting and editing

Our editing services are adaptable to the industry and genre of the project.

We specialize in the following content areas:

  • Business e-books
  • Web Content
  • Literary and Creative Projects
  • Academic Publications and PhDs
  • Education Publications and Program Content


We provide the following writing deliverables:

  • Web Content
  • Ghostwriting
  • Spanish to English Translation
  • Curriculum Content
  • Customized Messages – (For customers or your lover, but never to your Mother or Grandma.)
  • Company Overviews
  • Blog Content

Our writing services are exceptionally versatile. We thoroughly research content domains and will convert complex ideas into consumable content. Creative content is crafted with care to produce original and precise messaging for optimal search-ability and consumer engagement.


We provide the following publishing services:

  • Story development
  • Manuscript editing – developmental and copy editing
  • Manuscript formatting
  • Set up and formatting for Create Space, Kindle, and Ingram self-publishers
  • Series development
  • Cover development and design

Our publishing services are designed to bring your vision for creative manuscripts, memoirs, family histories, and industry-specific publications to life.

You maintain all copyrights and control of your own self-published works.


We offer the following consultation services:

Gifted Adult and Adolescent Development

  • Student-led Growth Plan
  • Mentor Networking and Strategic Development
  • Social Emotional Strategies and Growth
  • Strength-based Support of Struggling and Underachieving Students


  • Writer coaching
  • Literary coaching and story development
  • Education consultation
  • Adult Education instructional support services
  • Academic writer consultation
  • Learner coaching and instructional support


Focused, web-based research to meet client needs

  • Industry-specific
  • Academic
  • Personal interest and development
  • Family historical research
  • Market research in the South American market


JOY IS FREE translates academic and business content from Spanish to English.

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