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Our Approach

At JOY IS FREE LLC, we craft artful and effective content. All editing and writing follows a careful process that includes more than one revision.

Our services are highly versatile. From business e-books to creative manuscripts to PHD editing and formatting, our expertise covers a broad range of genres, industries, and publication platforms and formats.

We take great care to work with our authors and clients to preserve the voice and vision of their content and final production.

Meet the Team

Erica Maria Litz


Erica Maria Litz, BS, MFA is an American poet, business content writer, and editor. Erica has been a professional freelance writer and editor for 1o years.

In addition to her professional writing and editing career, Erica Maria Litz has 16 years' experience teaching composition and rhetoric college courses and over 20 years' experience teaching and training adult learners and youth across multiple domains educational levels.



Erica M. Litz
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